Technologic spa

technologic spa

We wish you welcome on our website for the sale of spa accessories. We specialize in the field of wellness spa jacuzzi namely ensuring impeccable service. All accessories for the spa will therefore be available on our website. You simply see our catalog and to order just afterwards. Of course, it's possible to contact us to answer any questions.

Accessories for all

As specialists in the sale of spa accessories, we offer various types of spa going with all requirements. Whether or replacement accessories in addition to make this moment to be as pleasant as possible, all available on our website. We therefore propose the aromatherapy, types of bar tub, lighting, stairs, lifts a cover for spa, handrails for added security, umbrellas for outdoor spa, cleaning products or even filters so that the operation is still at the top. Of course, these accessories will go with all types of specific as it is spa. You simply check the product number you are looking for in our catalog. From there, it will do more than you order directly on our site.

Services at all levels

A qualified team that specialize in the field will be available to meet all your needs when looking for spa accessories. So you can ask us for benefits regarding our services or our products. You can contact us directly or via our current website or by calling the standard number we have at your disposal. Courteous and qualified Switchboard effectively answer your questions. About the site, it will be more practical so you can end up as simply as possible. Once you have selected your product, you can order directly online and payment will also be done online. Everything will be perfectly safe and you will have your product within the time you find in our conditions of sale.

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