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A discount swim spa

If you have decided to buy hot tubs for sale, wait until you discover the wonders of the swim spa before taking any initiative. It is a 2-in-1 well-being that combines relaxation and sport thanks to its hydro-massage jets and its counter-current swimming system. The technology of a swim spa makes this model one of the most expensive on the market. However, with patience, there are ways to get a discount swim spa…

Advantages and disadvantages of a swim spa

The main advantage of the swim spa is of course its 2-in-1 use, which offers the possibility of swimming and relaxing as desired. It is smaller in size than a traditional swimming pool and is perfectly suited for small spaces, whether outdoors or indoors. Swimming against the tide in a swim spa is like swimming in place facing high-power water jets. If you have trouble swimming in the face of the current, there are swimming elastics to keep you in position. The only drawback is the price: you have to budget between 15,000 and 50,000 €. However, there are cheap swim spas at discount prices accessible from € 9,000.

Which discount swim spa to choose?

You must consider several selection criteria before you start looking for a discount swim spa at the best value for money. Depending on the type of installation desired, you have the choice between:

- a built-in swim spa, the installation of which requires earthworks and the installation of a technical room for spa filtration and heating;
- an above-ground or portable swimming spa, the installation of which requires the construction of a concrete slab in order to be able to place it on a solid and level surface.

Most often made of acrylic or polyester shell, some models can adapt to fitness or relaxation, and others, for therapeutic use. It can also include 1 or 2 pools, with a swimming pool and a relaxation pool. A single-pool swim spa, however, saves electricity by reducing the volume of water to be heated.

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