Technologic spa

Enjoying the late summer evenings

As the August breeze confuses the curls and the sun continues to kiss the cheeks, it's time to go to the café and make little farts that it would be nice to make a reality during the last month of summer and enjoy everything and a spa evening.

The last moments of summer

No more brunch

Going to the bakery or dancing with bright eyes when preparing a brunch is not important. The main thing is to finally find time to meet close friends or family over a cup of freshly ground coffee and your favourite breakfast. There is nothing hotter than these morning stories that are told without haste in the arms of the summer sun.

Fresh flowers

Try to introduce a new ritual into everyday life: when you go to the market for seasonal fruits and vegetables, don't forget the flowers. They perfectly refresh the house, adding comfort and summer innocence to your space. Listen to the heart, whether it's fresh lavender or scented peonies, they will make you smile more.

Dinners in a spa

Sometimes it is possible to find time for parents only in the evening. Be inspired by this spa beauty and invite your loved ones to dinner. You can adopt tubs for sale now and enjoy the summer promotion and also the back-to-school gift certificate. After taking a blanket with you, go enjoy the hot summer evenings by watching movies in the open air.


The wind blows the hair, the sunny smile and the fire in the eyes... Isn't this the ideal way to finish the look for a date? Feel free to take a friend on two wheels and open new streets in Moscow and admire the sun until autumn wraps us in a coat and covers the sky with grey colors.

Enjoy a pleasant company, a warm atmosphere and delicious cuisine and this last ray of sunshine in this foreign destination.

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