Technologic spa

Owning a personal jacuzzi spa at home

A hotel or a guest room will be well filled with this surplus of personal Jacuzzi for lovers especially. And if you install it at home!

An unusual moment at home

Nothing prevents you from establishing a custom-made hot tub installation at home. Considering the benefits provided by a spa, his home installation is not so expensive. You will find lots of models with options to choose from the net. You can even ask Grandma to keep the children or when they are asleep, you two will give you this moment of parenthesis to two, without children, enjoy a haven of peace where to relax in a couple with delight and without the less moderation. With new models of whirlpool baths, massages, relaxing bubble jets and other cascades of benefits come to your home, it is true that well-being is not just for beauty salons.

The type of spa to adopt at home

Right now, the spa price ranges between €500 and €5,000. Within this very wide range, the cost of the models varies according to the model of jacuzzi spa and its dimensions, the materials used, etc. There are four types of spas:

The inflatable spa: a practical model, easy to install and inexpensive. The portable spa: equipped with a wooden or plastic covering, it is installed above ground and does not require any preparatory work. The swimming model: an excellent compromise between the pool and the spa. And the built-in spa. The price of the spa is not the only point to consider in your budget: keep in mind that its cost of operation is also important. And of course, do not neglect the maintenance of water. Moreover, for a safety pose put a cover on the spa when you do not use it, which will avoid the evaporation of the water and the loss of heat.

Having a spa installed in your home is a pleasure for everyone, so you can ask for a quote for its installation.

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