Technologic spa

Relaxation at the highest order through the use of spa tubs

A spa or hot tub is a great place to relax, with a little peace and quiet and privacy if you can get it all to yourself. But even when it's–public and noisy–you can still not only enjoy the hot water's soothing effect, yet take away a sense of peace –better known as relaxation.


The number one way to relax is to meditate in the spa tub. I wrote a full post on meditation on the hot tub, so I guess I'm an expert–not! Meditation is a practice, the easier it becomes, the more you do it. You can meditate on a specific location of water, or simply focus on breathing and sweeping away your thoughts. Music, a part of the list of relaxation tips for everyone, can also be used to help make it easier for you to reach a meditative state.


If you're lucky, you've got a spa overlooking a mountain or sea with a beautiful view. If not, decorate your room to provide something fun to look at while maintaining privacy at the same time. On the back porch or deck, most people have their spa. Surround two sides with some tall plants, and perhaps a large wall lithograph. If your spa is in a covered area, an overhead fan will be good. And plants, plants!


Deep breathing is another quick way to calm the body down, whether for meditation, sleep or relaxation. For me, after the spine tingling rush of getting in the hot tub is over, I take several deep breaths into my stomach. Breathing is important for any activity – obviously, but for the most complete spa or hot tub relaxation, don’t forget to breathe!

Get yourself comfortable

Most spas have seats and pillows made, and if there's no one else in the spa, I usually find one that's perfect for me–not too large and not too small. However, this is not always the case. If you have less than nice spa tubs chairs, do something about it!

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