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Treat yourself this christmas with the purchase of a jacuzzi

The long, cold months of winter encourage us to take it easy, conserve our energy, and be more selective about how we invest our time. But while you might feel inclined to spend the winter hibernating, your hot tub doesn’t have to follow your lead. In fact, using your hot tub in winter has special advantages provided you follow a few tips to stay safe and keep your hot tub in prime condition. Winterizing your spa for the season means draining it, cleaning it, and protecting it from the effects of freezing weather and that can be a complicated and time-consuming procedure.

Always try to stay time conscious about your soak time

The longer you stay in your spa, the higher your body temperature climbs. While it may be tempting to linger in the comforting warmth of your hot tub when the outside air is cold, try to limit your soak time to about twenty minutes because moving from extreme heat to extreme cold can place dangerous stress on your body. It’s always important to stay hydrated when you’re using your jacuzzi for sale type. During the winter, you may want to drink warm or room-temperature beverages while soaking to keep yourself hydrated while combating the cold. Since alcohol can increase the effects of dehydration, it’s best to abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages in your spa.

Having an agenda for retreat is a good idea

Cold weather can be dangerous, particularly when you’re wet and wearing a bathing suit. At the conclusion of your soak, when you must leave the protective warmth of your spa and face the icy winter air, make sure to immediately shield yourself from the cold. Keep a bathrobe and shoes or sturdy slippers nearby, and get indoors as quickly as possible after leaving your hot tub. If your winter plans involve travel, rest assured your hot tub will be fine without you. If problems arise, your dealer can arrange to have them fixed without disrupting your vacation.

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