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What would be your perfect jacuzzi spa ?

You really want to buy a jacuzzi spa and start your research in fairs, on the Internet, in stores and you realize that the brands are numerous, the types of products are plethora and that the prices can vary from simple to quadruple without really knowing why, in short you lose your Latin. What are the important criteria when making your choice ?

Know the different types of spas

There are multitudes of spas. At the design level: there are round spas, square spas, rectangular spas. The sizes vary, from the 2-seater spa to the 8-seater spa. The functions of the spas differ according to the series. The higher up the range, the more spa features are developed.

Find the perfect location for your jacuzzi

Whether indoors or outdoors, covered or outdoors, the perfect location for your hot tub is one where you will easily want to go, and without crossing the entire garden. We advise you to install it away from the trees, to prevent leaves from falling and to provide access to the passable floor, wood, tiles, etc …

A spa for how many people

The sizes of the spas vary. From the small 2-seater spa to the 8-seat spa, each family will find the ideal model for their lifestyle and available space. There are models with 1 elongated place, and models without extended space, and therefore more spacious at the feet. These are recommended for people who are considering the spa as a friendly place to gather family and friends.

How much does it cost to maintain a spa?

The maintenance of a spa is very simple, and inexpensive. The water is constantly filtered and purified thanks to a successful filtration system, and disinfection by UV lamp, thus limiting the addition of chemical. Thus, the energy consumption of a Sundance spa is estimated at less than one euro per day.

So, no one really needs a spa. But almost everyone wants it. A jacuzzi spa is pure indulgence and shameless luxury. It is an investment in your leisure, a destination for your rest time, an avenue for your relaxation.

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