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Discover our newest arrival!

Spas are very popular for relaxation and well-being. And it is always more pleasant to have its own jacuzzi in its house but the construction in hard is sometimes complex. In addition, space management with this type of installation is not always very practical. Thanks to the great revolution of inflatable hot tubs. Set up your home with our new arrivals!

Different types to maximize relaxation

Basin, tarpaulin, filter or heating, all of our inflatable spas are provided with equipment necessary for their proper functioning. We offer you new arrivals from spa to bubbles and hydro-jet spas. For the inflatable spa with bubble, it is equipped with inner tube that sends microbubbles in the tank. This feature has been integrated into the bathtub walls. These bubbles have exactly the same effect as a bubbling hot water bath that provides a soothing effect. For the case of hydro-jet spas, they have the particularity of having jets whose propulsion can be oriented and adjusted according to your preferences. The massage is more distributed on the body. This is our top-of-the-line portable spa model.

Buy our inflatable spas

Regarding the portable spa, the issue of price is very important. Before devoting a budget to buying an inflatable spa, you first need to define your needs. In any purchase transaction, the financial aspect is always a decisive criterion. It should be noted that in our stores there are inflatable spas of all ranges and that corresponds to all types of portfolios. With our wide selection on luxury inflatable spas, you will have no worries finding the one that suits you the most. It should not be forgotten to consider the consumption of the inflatable hot tub before buying it. The great advantage with these types of spa is that they consume less electricity than hard bathtubs. In addition, the classic Jacuzzis are more functionally oriented while we offer relaxation facilities focused more on the search for your comfort. Our portable spas have been equipped with very efficient hydrojets to bring you a feeling of tranquility.

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