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The jacuzzi tub you must try this summer

Everyone can understand the comfort provided when using a hot tub on a cold day, but what happens when the outdoor temperatures are soaring? Can you use a hot tub in the summer? I believe you can use a hot tub all year round.

Allow your tub to be cool

If the thought of getting into a warm jacuzzi tub on a hot summer day seems like too much, why not simply turn off your water heater? This will allow the water temperature to drop and it will actually feel cool when you get in. You might also want to try leaving the cover off at night to allow the heat to escape.

Save it for a rainy day

Another way to get around the hot summer days is to use your hot tub when it’s cloudy and raining. As long as there’s no threat of lightning, sitting in a warm hot tub in the rain can be quite the pleasant experience. Make the most of what other people might consider terrible weather by spending some time soaking in your hot tub.

Late to bed, early to rise

Yet another way to take advantage of your hot tub in the summer months is to use it at times when the sun isn’t shining at full strength. Temperatures will often be much lower at dawn and dusk and will allow you to look forward to the warm waters of your tub. What a better way to watch the sunrise or sunset than soaking in the bubbly waters?

Make it a social

When you have a bunch of family and friends socializing around the hot tub, the focal point becomes to party rather than the tub itself. Everyone still has the ability to enjoy a soak if they feel like it, but just being in the company of other people is the main focus. The hot tub becomes something to gather around similar to a bonfire or a grill. If you have extra accessories such as sound or lighting systems, they can contribute to the heartbeat of the party.

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