Technologic spa

What you have to know before buying a spa

Buying a spa is a project that prepares well in advance

Before buying your spa, meet the professionals

Spa manufacturers can advise you on the spa that suits you best, but also on the spa's installation and maintenance. They can answer all your questions before buying a spa.

The budget for the purchase of a spa

Think about the type of spa you want to buy: depending on the size of the spa, the materials used and the type of installation, the price will not be the same. Do you prefer a portable spa or a built-in spa? In any case, ask yourself enough before buying your spa.

Where to install your spa?

The purchase of your spa is also prepared from home. Visualize its future location and make sure that the location chosen is suitable for the presence of a nearly two-tonne spa once filled with heat and moisture.
There are two main options for installing your spa: indoors or outdoors. In the case of an outdoor installation, keep in mind that you will only be able to use your spa for a short period of the year. Unless you invest in a spa shelter if you have enough space.

What comfort are you looking for?

A jacuzzi offers different types of seats:

  • The bunks that offer you a massage on your entire body.
  • The seats that favor the massage of the back and the neck.

If you want a convivial spa to share an aperitif with friends while enjoying the benefits of balneotherapy, you will have to favour the seats.

If, on the contrary, you are in search of calm and relaxation, favour the elongated seats.

However, it is also important to pay attention to the different depths of the seats proposed: if you have an average template, you will adapt to all spas, but if you are small or large, Offer a spa that will offer adapted places so that you can enjoy a real effective and relaxing massage. The best thing is to try the spa before you buy it.

You now know the essential information to make your purchase. Don't forget, to purchase your spa requires patience.

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